Conestoga vs. Falcon

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King’s Cup

Named after the King of Golf – Arnold Palmer (RIP). ​The King’s Cup is a friendly competition within the Mesquite Golf Trip for those that choose to opt in.​ It is 100% optional. It’s a 3 day Ryder Cup style competition.
Simply put, we’ll split golfers in The Cup into two teams. The daily foursomes will be made with priority given to golfers you want to play with. After that, we will make the foursomes based on reported skill and format you want to play (again – designed to be fun)!
Nothing is officially wagered (although we encourage you to wager on your own accord). It’s all about personal pride and the ability to drink luke-warm booze out of the trophy during the pool party on Saturday!
Formats are flexible and we can accommodate your playing preference: Scrambling (2-man scrambles, 4-man scrambles) or Playing Your Own Ball (Stroke, Match Play, Team Best Ball, etc).

Conestoga vs. Falcon Ridge


“It’s like playing golf on the moon, but with full gravity” – Sports Illustrated. Voted “One of the best you can play in Nevada” by GolfWeek Magazine.
Ranked the #6 best course you can play in Nevada by Golfweek
Ranked 4.2/5 on Golf Advisor

Falcon Ridge

“The golf course is spectacular in design and challenging in nature. The front nine presents some pretty golf holes, and the back nine is simply outstanding golf.” –
Does not make the top 15 courses you can play in Nevada by Golfweek
Ranked 4.7/5 on Golf Advisor[/cs_content_seo]


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